Passionate Hairy Daddy and His Boy

Published by kokojokome 2 months ago

A sexy, hairy daddy passionately fucks his boy in the bedroom.

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mattdallas1 3 days ago
Now, that is fuckin!!
weighkool 12 days ago
Just seeing that tops ass and soles was worth it
sporticous 20 days ago
Loughboy 1 month ago
Justin Serrano (aka Minoflexx) fucked by an unknown hot daddy - I fuckin love them both...
mrnightsky 1 month ago
I would LOVE to have a sexy man make love to me like this.... LOVE the passion between these two sexy men.  I can only dream of being the bottom to a sexy top just like him.... making sweet love deep inside my ass/pussy and him deeply kissing me...  the greatest feeling would be when he finally reaches a great orgasm after a good long fucking and fills me with his precious seed...
atownsexnow 1 month ago
Fuck yeah! Get that YOUNG boy naked ass lubed legs spread. And FUCK him!!!
marcel_2011 1 month ago
wow that top, gorgeous hairy ass. He could f*ck me anytime
haddon5402 2 months ago
mmmm DL  3/25/2019
imwade3 2 months ago
imwade3 2 months ago
Who are they???  The top is WOW ....
asianleic27 2 months ago
Incredible hairy arse
tallanne 2 months ago
so fucking hot
Basher747 2 months ago
Yes please!!
sdma56 2 months ago
I just love gay men and so much more!!! so sexy
eadyboy1990 2 months ago
One of my fav vids by far!
jpq29 2 months ago
What every bottom wants and what every top wants to be...simply amazing. Thanks for sharing, Koko!
Facedances 2 months ago
Damn. This boy is a great fuck. The top is awesome.
SchwarzwaelderJunge 2 months ago
Jemand Lust auf einen attraktiven 18 jährigen? Bin für Sextreffen gegen Geld bereit :)
Badboy4066 2 months ago
Breed me
Badboy4066 2 months ago
jmaka 2 months ago
jackwiller00 2 months ago
thats so hypnotic and beautiful <3
x70 2 months ago
I love !
x70 2 months ago
I love!
PHAO64 2 months ago
Hot, hairy and hung top. Stage name?
Hugs from Peter
canamm1 2 months ago
This is amazing. It reminds me of my boyfriend through jr high and high school. He was a football player looking kinda guy and I was a skinny little twink. We had a hiding spot at a local state park we would go to all summer long and he would fuck me like this for hours. I can't believe with all the sex we had, that we never got caught.
sevencut 2 months ago
Amazing sex
texastop69 2 months ago
That was beautiful...
gaborka88 2 months ago
Super sexy hairy top! Lucky boy! 
jplecub 2 months ago
who is this top?
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